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Common Questions

Do you charge a diagnostic fee?

Quick diagnostics are free. Diagnostics that require extensive work will incur a standard charge ($40).

Do I need an appointment?

Walk-ins are always welcome, but you can always schedule an appointment by calling us or by using the Contact page.

What do I need to bring when I drop off my computer?

For most computers, we have standard power supplies and chargers. We don't need a keyboard, mouse, or peripherals...but do bring them in case you're having a problem with them.

How long will it take to get my computer back?

Usually 1 to 2 days if it does not need a part. Otherwise, we'll give you a shipping date.

Do you have parts for sale?

Yes, we stock some parts.

What are your hours?

We're open 9–5 Monday through Friday, and Saturdays by appointment only. Use the Contact page to send Joe a question, and he'll get back to you after hours during the week and during the day on weekends.

Do you service businesses?

Yes, we work with many local businesses, both commercial and home offices.

Do you service iPods, iPads, and other tablets?


If I need my job completed right away, can it be expedited?

Yes, but sometimes a rush charge will be applied if we're busy.

I accidentally deleted some important files. Is there any way to get them back?

Maybe...bring it in before the space on the hard drive gets overwritten, and before any hardware fails.

What electronics do you repair?

PC & Mac desktops and laptops, both hardware and software. We also perform small solder jobs (we have a microscope).

How much do you charge just to determine what's wrong with it?

Typically, you won't pay for this. Only diagnostics that require extensive work will incur a standard charge ($40).

Do you make house calls?

Yes, just use our Contact form to schedule an appointment.

I'm not exactly sure what is wrong with my computer. Can you still help me if I can't explain the issue?

Yes, we're good at that.

How long have you been in business?

We opened November of 2001, so we've been in business for 21 years now, and in the same location.

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